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3 in 1 Anti Dust Super Cleaning Kit

3 in 1 Anti Dust Super Cleaning Kit
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  • Pack Contains :1 Liquid Spray Bottle, 1 Micro Fibre Cloth, 1 Mini Brush.
  • High Quality, Non-Toxic Cleaning Liquid.
  • Resh Natural Resin Organisms are Absolutely Harmless
  • Laptop LCD Screen Cleaning kit


  • Anti Dust 3in1 Super Cleaning Kit - Blue
    • This product uses super cleaning liquid formulas, which are made from natural plant extracts that are environmentally friendly, anti bacterial, no toxic, excellent cleaning power.
    • Perfect high-performance function of the magic fabric as follows: 
    • High-fiber vacuum cleaner, using magic fabric that has a fast and efficient effect to remove dust; while preventing secondary pollution to surface again
    • The removal of high-speed oil, the removal of oil, when the magic fabric is in contact with oily substances, it will absorb the oil substances in an instant, no need to rub the surface again and again.
    • Unique flat fibers, unique fibers magic fabric that makes oily and dust substances, while dust throughout the fiber is often not damp, very dakar, under the light can see many left threads, and residual flocculation possibly dirty
    • Can use for Laptop, Computer, Keyboard, Mobile, Television , LCD Screen, Case, CD rom, Printer, Plasma, and b erbagai electrical equipment

    pakage Include:

    • 1 x 3-in-1 Anti Dust Super Cleaning Kit - Blue