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Remax Anti-Smog Face Mask RT-SP05 - White

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Remax Anti-Smog Face Mask RT-SP05 - White
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  • Brand: Remax

  • Model: RT-SP05

  • Volume: 10g

  • Storage temperature: -30 o C - 40 o C

  • Storage conditions: dry, airy

  • Color: white


  • Remax RT-SP05 anti-dust mask looks like other conventional medical masks.

  • However, the manufacturer has created a unique 3D structure to create space for the face of the horizontal seam of the two sides.

  • Face masks do not make the user feel squat and suffocate like other conventional masks.

  • On the mask there is a soft plastic bar that can be bent, hugging each other's nose to keep the inner space separate from the outside, the breath can not be overflowed to the top causing the fog to accumulate. in case you are wearing glasses. 

  • In addition, the area of ??the mask is quite large, can cover two thirds of your face.