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WK Remax Mobile Car Holder GPS Navigation

WK Remax Mobile Car Holder GPS Navigation
  • Rs.950

Mobile Holder Adjustable

  • WK Remax Mobile Car Holder WA S06

Key Features

  • Arms outstretched to shake hands outstretched, holding a 3.7-inch.
  • WK Car Holder holds the hand of hand-held mobile devices in the car (Car Accessories) from the world's leading equipment manufacturers Smart Phone WK Hong Kong goods exported worldwide. 
  • Good quality materials for durability, robustness, ease of use and convenience.
  •  For those who need a car. Take the road for a long time due to the traffic jam. Or have to travel far to use a hand-held WK Car Holder can be scaled to match the size of your cell.
  •  Easy to install, requires no tools.
  • Made from premium materials more durable.